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Tom Givens
12-30-2010, 14:26
Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun, One Day Format
East Texas Rifle Pistol Club, Longview, Texas
April 1, 2011, Friday, 9am-6pm

The shotgun is one of the most effective self defense weapons the average citizen or police officer can have access to, but it’s defensive use has little in common with its sporting applications. Learn to use the shotgun effectively for self defense and home or business security in this one day course. Topics covered include:

• Shotgun Selection
• Types & Operation
• Loading and Reloading Techniques
• Modifications and Accessories
• Ammunition Selection
• Shooting Techniques

You will need a shotgun, preferably with a barrel length of 18-22 inches. If you have a legal SBS, feel free to use it. You will need 125 rounds of birdshot (#6, 7 ½, or 8 preferred), 50 rounds of buckshot (00 preferred), and 15 slugs. A side-saddle or butt cuff mounted on the gun would be very helpful.

Primary instructor is Tom Givens, assisted by other Rangemaster staff.

Tuition is $200. To register, contact James Sterling,