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Mad Ryan
12-31-2010, 10:18
I've just scored another full size 9mm to join my venerable G19. It's a G34 and so far I love it. I've wanted one for years as I always felt the G17 was too much like my G17 to really matter and this represents enough of a departure with regards to pointing and sight radius to be significantly different...


I'm considering trimming the grip or having it done so both pistols take G19 mags as I've got tons of those laying around and I also carry in an MTAC which would allow me to comfortably conceal either pistol. Anyone done this?

01-03-2011, 21:03
There are plenty of guys out there that are offering grip reductions. Problem is, you may not like it when you are done. Take a look at our new TimberWolf frame:
They are intended for use with the G17 series pistols. They start shipping this week!
BTW: G19 series should be available late this year. We are working on them now.