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01-03-2011, 14:18
I was cleaning my Gen 2 G17 and my Gen3 G34, and when reassembling, got
interupted with a phone call, and assembled the G34 slide (with G34 barrel and recoil spring) on my G17 frame, and my G17 slide on my G34 frame. Upon racking the slide back on the G17 frame with the G34 slide, it seemed to have some drag, so I noticed my mistake. The G17 slide on the G34 frame seemed to rack back OK.
Anyhow, I reassembled the proper frames to the proper slides. Did I
in any way harm damage anything? I tried both the G17 and the G34 at
the range after proper reassembly, and everything seemed OK.
Thanks for any help.

01-03-2011, 14:27
If you look at the frames you will clearly see the Gen4 has a larger opening on the dust cover area (under the barrel). I doubt there is any damage. You would notice it if there was.