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01-03-2011, 14:35
I know this question may make me seem stupid but please bear with me. I bought my Glock some time ago and it's been sitting in the closet so I wanted to familiarize myself with loading / unloading procedures.

To start...yes I read the manual again. To unload it the manual states to 1) release the mag. 2) Pull the slide back to eject a loaded round. 3) Check the chamber to ensure it's empty then 4) pull the trigger (gun pointed in safe direction) to dry fire.

So here is my question.

If I want to load the mag but NOT chamber a round do I just push in the mag until it clicks?? Then when ready to shoot just chamber a round by racking??

I know this sounds absolutely stupid but the reason I ask is in the manual under the loading section...they illustrate the gun in "live fire" position (ie trigger forward). To do so one would have to intentionally rack the gun WITHOUT the clip in (after cleaning etc...) THEN slap in the mag.

So my question is DOES IT MATTER??

01-03-2011, 15:14
Yes you can insert a loaded magazine in the gun anytime you like. Load a cartridge into the chamber or leave it empty, the choice is completely yours.
FYI: It does not matter if the trigger is forward or to the rear. When you pull the slide rearward and let it go it will automatically load a cartridge from the magazine and reset the trigger to fire.
You should take comfort knowing that your Glock pistol can have a round in the chamber and be as safe as a gun without a round in the chamber. It is impossible to fire your Glock "without first pulling the trigger".

01-03-2011, 16:41
Thanks for the clarification JR. Much appreciated and honestly what I was hoping to hear.

The reason I have opted to not chamber a round is only due to my set up. I use it as a home protection weapon in a Titan gun safe beside my bed. The Titan is a great single handgun safe but it does present the firearm in a pop up holster once opened. In the dark...however slight the could be possible for me to accidentally hit the trigger while pulling the gun out. Minimal chance however... :)

The other reason is during a break in...either I will hear the intruder OR my dog me ample time to rack a round.

Plus - it will FORCE me to clear my head before doing so. :) Hopefully the racking slam would **assist** the intruder into thinking twice and leaving. I actually had that happen when younger and had to pump a shotgun to discourage an intruder. He heard it and poof...GONE.

01-03-2011, 16:46
There are a million (+1) theory's to this situation. Carry it the way you see fit.

I simply wanted you to know what is going on with the gun should you choose to carry (or store) with one in the pipe. BTW: My personal choice