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Terry G
01-04-2011, 00:07
My Glock 21 had the front sight off while in it's carrying case.Is this easy to re-attach? If not does Glock have an e-mail address I can contact with my problem? Thankf for any help.

01-04-2011, 11:35
Good question! Yes Glock Inc will get you another front sight and most likely warrantee it free of charge.

BTW: I have seen this happen many, many times. Joe shooter puts his Glock into his gun case and when he retrieves it.... the plastic front sight is GONE! Joe is surprised (and disappointed).

Wait a second, I don’t want you to be surprised yet......

The surprise comes when Joe Shooter takes the gun back to the range (or GI) and gets another plastic sight installed on his gun! WHAT THE HECK IS JOE THINKING? The first plastic front sight failed, is there any question the second plastic front sight will fair any better?

I think Terry G is way smarter than Joe Shooter. Now is a GREAT time to evaluate a quality set of sights made of METAL.
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FYI: Some people learn by other peoples mistakes. Some people ARE the other people.