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Glocknload 19
01-04-2011, 16:12
Ive searched this and other forums and come up with everyone giving me a different answer. What is the best lubrication for Glocks? Ive heard everything from Rig to Mobile 1. The grease fans say the lube stays and lasts longer and the oil fans say motor oil i.e. Mobile 1 is the best. I dont know if theres any right or wrong answer to this question other than no matter which one you use, don't over do it. Would like an answer from an expert. What do you use? Thanks.

01-04-2011, 17:31
A loaded question for sure! I can tell you the best lube in the world is whole heartedly endorsed by the one telling the story.
At LWD, we use lube & oil products depending on application.