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01-04-2011, 19:40
Picked up my first 1911 today, and I love it. Rented a Sig GSR 1911 about 5 years ago, and thought it was fantastic. I knew I had to have a 1911, and now I do. My Wilson Combat lube is on its way, so shooting it will have to wait till then.

TKR Reptiles
01-04-2011, 19:44
Congrats... RIA are some damn fine guns for the price... I had one and it never had a single issue...

01-04-2011, 19:47
don't wait man, lube it up and blast away!

5 yrs? now that's patience.

TKR Reptiles
01-04-2011, 19:49
TBH those things will run pretty dry... Mine came SOAKED in oil... I took it apart at the range wiped it all off, and ran it...

Take that thing out and blast away... You won't be disappointed...

01-04-2011, 19:52

Mr. Gekko
01-04-2011, 19:56
Congrats! :wavey:

01-04-2011, 20:09
Nice pickup! RIA makes a great gun for the chedda. :thumbsup:

01-04-2011, 20:21
Congrats! :cool:

01-04-2011, 20:23
Enjoy it, I love my RIA!

01-05-2011, 11:03
Thanks guys. I may just add some Hoppes gun oil I have here, and take it out this weekend.

Was wondering what you guys recommended other than wiping it down with a silicone rag? I was considering wiping it with a rag with some break free, letting it sit for a while, then just wiping off the excess, and putting it away. Thanks

01-05-2011, 11:08
Rem-Oil wipes do a pretty good job of keeping parkerizing looking good, and they're not messy. Otherwise I just dab a little Mobil 1 (or oil of preference) on a rag and wipe it down.

Congrats on the RI!

01-05-2011, 11:12
Picked up my first 1911 today, and I love it. Rented a Sig GSR 1911 about 5 years ago, and thought it was fantastic. I knew I had to have a 1911Congrats on the new pistol.

You've been wanting one for five years? TN.Frank, that you?

01-05-2011, 12:08
Congrats on the new pistol.

You've been wanting one for five years? TN.Frank, that you?

LOL, NO, it ain't me. :rofl:
I've had 9 different 1911a1's over the years. Can't wait to get back into one. Figure if I'm going to get something I might as well get a Classic design in a "real" ctg. like the good ol' 45acp. Plus I'm a cast bullet junkie and 45acps just love cast bullets if you set em' up right.
Congrats on the new pistol. You might want to pick up some Ballistol to lube it up with. I've been using it for years on everything from my black powder guns(kills corrosive salts) to the modern stuff and it's an awesome lube.
Here's a link:

01-05-2011, 20:10

I already got two cans of Ballistol on the way. Should be arriving around mid day/early afternoon on Monday. TN, you think the ballistol is enough to keep the parkerizing in good condition?

01-05-2011, 20:17
congrats on the RIA

01-05-2011, 20:33
You have held off the disease for 5 YEARS????

01-05-2011, 20:41

01-05-2011, 21:10
Congrats I have the RIA compact & you're gonna like it. Clean her up dab a little oil on her & hit the ground running.

01-06-2011, 19:00
Congrats. I love my RIA Tac.

01-06-2011, 19:46
Only thing I hate about RIA is they come with those solid smooth wood grips.

Only one I've ever seen come with checkerd grips is the RIA Match I baught.


01-07-2011, 11:28
I'll give away a pair of RIA plastic checkered grips that came on my Tactical Two Tone. I upgraded to Kimber rubbery ones that feel much better. :P

*Note to self, take pictures and find a computer that will let me upload them....

01-07-2011, 12:28
From what I've learned about Parkerizing the finish doesn't protect the metal, it's it's ability to hold oil that protects the metal. May be wrong but that's what I heard so if you spray it down good with anything that'll protect metal it'll hold it in place so given that Ballistol should work fine. Also, Ballistol will dry and leave a dry lube behind which is something else that I like about it, you don't end up with guns dripping wet with oil. Also, it's non-toxic so if you have pets or small children and they get into it you don't have to worry about em' getting sick.
I use to use WD40, then switched to Rem-Oil but once I went with Ballistol I've never looked back. Awesome stuff IMHO.