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01-06-2011, 00:25
I have a friend who owns a 36, and he loves the gun. But (isn't there always a but?) he has small girly hands and the length of the grip isn't comfortable to him, or me either for that matter, I get to shoot it a lot. His thinking is "Should I send it somewhere, like cold bore customs, and have the hump and finger grooves removed or wait for the gen. 4?". He has given-up on the 36SF. Will that work shorten the grip to somewhat close dimensions (length) of a 30 SF? Anyone had it done? If so could you include pictures? My way of thinking is if he holds off and waits he will have a new gun (with trade) for (probably) less than the custom work would cost him.
And lastly, any word on when we might see the gen. 4 36?
Thanks guys.