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Mayhem like Me
01-08-2011, 23:16
Today at the shop were 2 Sig 1911's with extended threaded barrels, one was a commander size with a 5.1 inch threaded barrel with protector , the second was a Government size with a 5.86 inch threaded barrel.
Both had normal bushings and a thread protector ... thats all good.

Now the bad.. The Gov model would not lock back on ANY empty magazine we could find... not cool for a 1000.00 gun..

At another shop was a TALO commander when I ejected the mag and racked the slide it stayed back, and the slide stop was not holding it wanna know what was..

A poorly fitted ejector had enough drag to constantly lock the gun up when pulling the slide to the rear, so much drag in fact that it took a good wallop from the hand to send it forward..

The good thing is both shops will send the guns back before selling them..

Not acceptable on new guns Inspector #12 better get his or her Ass in gear...

01-08-2011, 23:24
Just something you have to deal with in a mass production environment. They turn these things out so quickly that every now and again a bad one will slip by. On the positive side, 1911a1's are pretty easy to fix and to get up and running right since they've been around so long and most know the "ins and outs" of the system.

AZ Husker
01-09-2011, 00:39
Same QC inspector? That needs to be brought to their attention!