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01-12-2011, 15:16
Im looking at getting an Aimprotactical 20 in all black
would like any feed back about this or other aimpro tactical products you have used.

01-12-2011, 16:49
How much are they charging for it and what do they do to it?

Looks like a 590 with a hogue stock, ergo or surefire rail, heatshield, and porting.

01-12-2011, 17:31
The one I want starts as a 590a1, they do a complete action job handfitting all pieces, makes the trigger and action super slick, they then coat the entire gun with XCoat, a coating which makes the internals slicker still, put on the stock, their proprietary heat shield, backbore the barrel, lengthen the forcing cone, port the barrel, and add the foreend. I have asked what all of this goes for and will let you know when I get a price. I have heard that with the barrel work re coil is reduced more than 30% and that they are shooting groups of 00 Buck into 4" patterns at 25 yards. Shoots slugs very accurately enough for consistant headshots at 100 yards. Just want to know if anyone has shot one of their guns. How do they like it, etc.

01-14-2011, 11:30
No one has shot one of these?

01-14-2011, 11:38
I have a barrel that he has worked on, and another one that he is working on. I've used his rail system. I've got a few other small items from Aimpro.
He does good work, and his prices are very reasonable.
I will probably be sending him a full shotgun to work on pretty soon for a class coming up in the next few months.
The forcing cone work is good, and his stuff is really geared towards the FedTac FC loads. They keep the pattern tighter than a standard C bore. It patterns well with other loads too, but I pretty much just shoot the FC loads so that is what I'm most familiar with.
One of my barrels has the porting and cone work. The porting tends to work better with the hotter loads, as you won't see as much recoil reduction with a softer shooting load obviously.
Mike is a good guy to talk to and can talk you through anything you're looking at. Keep in mind he will be at SHOT for probably the next week or so, and may not be easy to contact until he is back at his shop.
I'd have no problems sending something to him for work.

01-14-2011, 15:44
Sweet! Thanks M24. Whats his turn around times like? I am looking at either buying the completed gun or getting a 590A1 and letting him "do his thing." I shoot the FedTac FC loads exclusivly also. I also shoot Speer LE slugs. I did see that he is at shot, and will wait patiently for him to return to his shop before I start emailing etc. Maby Ill just drive twenty minutes to the convention center and slip into shot and talk with him myself :). Again thanks.

01-15-2011, 10:37
I really don't know what his current turn around is.
Keep in mind he is the Mossberg LE service center, so that will impact his business at times, as will things like SHOT and the aftermath of that.
I would say call him when he gets back and get an idea from him.
I know he's relocated to a larger shop and added some capacity so that may affect his time as well.