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01-13-2011, 11:45
:wavey:Hi All, first post-- take it easy on me. Apparently Santa was listening when I said I'd enjoyed shooting my neighbor's G30. Christmas morning he'd brought me a G30SF. I got to GLOCK TALK from reading about G30 feeding problems on some other sites. I've shot mine a hundred times or so and it hasn't missed a pop. I was looking around this site and saw The Glock Collector's Club. Don't know why but "COLLECTIBLE GLOCK" never occurred to me. The City of Miami PD issued me a G17 in '86/'87 and I carried it 'til the early '90's when they issued G22's. My Dad broke my balls about carrying "that plastic piece of crap" until he shot 'em and loved 'em. I've been retired since '95 and still have both city Glocks. The 17 ser.# CN xxx and the 22 ser.#MIA 0xxx. The 22 has the MPD seal stamped on the slide. They let us buy the 17's when we upgraded to the 40 and let me keep the 22 when I retired. I think I have the boxes and paperwork on both guns. Won't sell 'em, have 3 grown kids--- old Glocks for my 2 boys and the S&W 4" revolver I was issued in '73 when I graduated from the academy for my Daughter.

01-13-2011, 11:56
Welcome aboard, Rusty! Congrats on the awesome "plastic pieces of crap". Pass them along and make your kids promise to do the same. That's what my dad did and I'll be happy when the time comes that my kids can take possession of the guns I got from him.


02-18-2011, 03:43
I'd sell one of my kidneys before selling my father's S&W M10 or Colt Detective Special that he carried on the job.

Frank V
02-19-2011, 13:05
Hi Rusty, welcome to the forum & thanks for your service.