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01-14-2011, 16:17
Hi JR,

I see you've been answering a few questions recently about certain ammo to run through ones Glock. It got me thinking about my own ammo choices and was wanting to know your thoughts.

I currently have a g3 G19 which I have been running WWB 115 gr FMJ. In my G37 I've been running WWB and Remington 230 gr FMJ, and in my G36 WWB and Remington 230 gr FMJ and on occasion Federal 230 gr FMJ.

When it comes to 9mm should I be looking for ammo no less than 124 gr?


01-14-2011, 18:41
The only reliability issue is with (weak) 9mm 115 gr ammunition.
It may or may not be an issue with a standard Glock 9mm pistol.
It has a good chance of being an issue with 40-9 conversions.