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View Full Version : Shopping for a new HD video camera...any tips?

01-14-2011, 18:52
Here is what I feel I want/need as far as features...

I'd like to spend between $300 to $400 if possible?

Have a screen I can flip backwards for over head shots or when I am in front of the camera.

Record in 1080 HD.

Flash memory internal and upgradable with SD cards. (less/no moving parts for recording at the range) I dont want HDD or mini HD tapes.

external mic input jack for a lapel or hand held mic. (this is a tough feature to find on lower priced HD cameras I noticed?)

Decent optical zoom. X20 is good for me.

Auto macro for close up details.

image stabilization.

I am not a fan of touch screen interface? I am old school and like a toggle joystick if given a choice?

Slow-mo feature would be nice but I guess not really needed since slo-mo can be done on the video editing software.

Format? I had a Sony before and it was a pain sometimes to get it to work with some editing software?


01-14-2011, 20:37
Check out the Kodak Zi8 - I like mine!

It's not the best with low light, this is for sure. Package is very small, works well, takes and external microphone...

And the price is nice!

01-14-2011, 21:03
I actually have a Zi8 but I want a camcorder that has a real zoom and auto macro and a screen I can flip backwards so I can see myself when I am standing in front of the camera or holding the camera over my head.

I did some research and have come up with the Canon Vixia HF-R10 so far.