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01-14-2011, 22:06
What are the opinions on installing the safety over the decocker?

01-15-2011, 01:37
It's a matter of personal taste. When I first got my P07, I was contemplating using it to shoot IPSC standard division as well as using it for CCW and duty carry. This of course required a safety. However, it is a pity not to carry a double action pistol with a low, difficult to rack quickly slide without a round in the chamber, so I switched to this method of carry and had a decocker installed. I did not feel comfortable, to say the least, in lowering the hammer to the half-cocked position for condition 2 carry using the trigger. In addition, when you use the decocker, you are not in a stressful condition, unlike undoing a safety in a self defense scenario (condition 1 carry). One fault of the P07 is that its safety is too flat and small for easy manipulation using the strong thumb, IMO. For comparison, IMO it is easier to manipulate the hammer if a single action shot is required, than undo the safety in condition 1 carry but I doubt that this would every be necessary in a self defense situation.
So my thumbs up goes to the decocker. Would have no problem shooting this piece in the IPSC production division.

01-15-2011, 10:50
I like the idea of returning the hammer back to a cocked position from a half cocked.. Makes good sense!

01-18-2011, 15:45
Lior question for you. I took my new P-07 out this last weekend for first shootings. I had a few FTF and FTE...These were a mixed batch of reloads that were on the light side.. It was a cold rainy day and only got 60 rounds fired.. The failures were in the first 30-40 shots fired.. After that when I loaded the mag I tap the backside of the mags to seat the bullets better in the mags..last 20 no failures at all.. Even used a 75 mag with no problems..just to see if it would work. Seated fine just stuck out a little..My question..Is this gun going to be sensitive to lighter loads. I am going to make up a couple hundred rounds tonight with different powder.. Titegroup was the last batch.. Tonight will be Unique, Blue Dot and Power Pistol..115 grn round nose...(that is what I have)..Suggestions and observations please!

01-18-2011, 23:06
Have never had any of these maladies (or indeed attempted to seat a CZ75 magazine). If the unreliability persists (for which there is no excuse in a new self defense pistol), it would require the attention of CZ USA to resolve. Mine has been flawless out of the box, but I have been feeding it only Winchester and Blazer Brass FMJ.

01-18-2011, 23:50
Thanks....I will post more info tomorrow after some more shooting.. The 75 mag worked fine..Just tried for range application and curiosity...I believe the problem is more with the ammo than the gun..Loads again were on the light side and it is a new gun..I am positive of better results with better reloads. Plus a little break in time..I bet I get 100 rounds fired with no issues tomorrow..

01-19-2011, 19:48
50 rounds no failures.. Except slide does not lock back on last shot.. Never has?