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joe sacco
01-15-2011, 13:01
I know you have explained many variations of the below question, but my version is not theoretical: I bought a G 31 used from a very nice young guy. He also had what he said (probably believed) was a 9 mm conversion barrel and a 9mm mag.

At the time I didn't inspect the 9mm barrel ( my fault, I got to BSing with the kid.) The gun was in nice shape. Later I noticed, in better light at home that the bottom of the barrel below the chamber area looked like somebody with a hand file and no skill had attempted to fit it. I also noticed that the barrel, a Wilson, was marked 9mm only. Sure enough, a quick check with the calipers revealed that it was a straight 17 barrel, not a conversion.

My question is, where should I look for potential damage assuming he used this barrel ? There is nothing obvious, no galling on the inside of the slide etc. Could I have hidden frame damage? Trouble with the locking block?

Thanks in advance. Best, Joe

01-15-2011, 18:49
If it is a G17 barrel I highly recommend you avoid using it in your G31. It is too small and will slop around in the slide. Basically dangerous!
If the barrel has been hacked on I would dump it. If you want a second opinion, send it to me and I will evaluate it for you. If it is bad, destroy it. No sence in getting somebody hurt over a faulty $100 barrel.

joe sacco
01-16-2011, 12:45
I don't intend to use the barrel in any gun, but I'm concerned if it had been used in the gun I now own by the previous owner, could it have damaged the gun and if so, what should I look for?

Thanks, Joe

01-16-2011, 19:46
I would avoid using it at all. If there is damage it should be obivious. I can not tell you where to look for damage other than do a complete inspection of the firearm