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01-17-2011, 17:46
I just bought a Winchester SXP Defender shotgun for home defense and I need recommendations for a reasonably priced fiber optic front sight.

Any suggestions??

Bill G
01-17-2011, 18:27
Check with Williams Gun Sight Company Inc. They make quality fiber optic and steel sights. They may have something that fits your needs, also there prices are fair.

Take Care,:supergrin:
Bill G

01-17-2011, 18:28
Hi-Viz and Tru-Glo are pretty much the two big players.

Hi-Viz ought to run you about $20-30 depending on which you get.

I prefer tritium, but if "any" light (even a nightlight down the hall) is on, the Hi-Viz will be very visible. My dad wears trifocals and he could see the dot easily. You still need on onboard weapon light, but the fiberoptic isn't too bad.

01-18-2011, 02:19
I'd skip the Fiber optic stuff and go right to tritium. There are several quality makers of night sight beads for shotguns including XS, Meprolight, and Trijicon. I just don't trust the durability of Fiberoptic gun sights. You can't see them at night and if you can't whats the point. Personally I believe a weaponlight would completely negate the use of such a sight and give you a reliable sighting aide along with the abiliity to make a last second target positive identification in low or no light. Just my two cents. If you still want fiberoptics I'd stay away from Truglo anything. Hiviz would be a better choice...

01-18-2011, 02:42
I've got tru-glo shotgun/rifle fiber optic rifle sights on my shotgun, not near as bright as I'd like.

But I should also mention, that it was worth the $25 or so that they cost.

01-18-2011, 09:18
The weaponlight throws more than enough illumination that the fiberoptic works.

If you can't spring for a tritium, the fiberoptic is better than a straight bead in the dark.