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01-17-2011, 21:33
My friend has 3 HK 5.56 x 45 mags for an AR and is wanting to sell them, I am trying to find a fair price but can only find new ones on the net (for $50 new) so I am trying to figure out what a fair price to give him is. Does anyone know how much these would go for used? There is typical wear on the finish from being used and one has a small dent, but it loads up just fine. The dent is on the right, rear corner about 2 inches up from the bottom. Thanks for any help!

01-17-2011, 21:52
Those run $40-45 new. I only own them because I collect different AR mags. They were at one time said to be more reliable and durable than standard USGI mags, but you don't really need them.
USGI green follower mags have worked well for me and are cheap at $5-$10 each. If your really going to abuse them Magpul P-mags are known for their ability to take a beating and work reliably.

01-17-2011, 21:56
10-30% off sounds fair to me if they are in good condition.

01-18-2011, 19:41
Complete waste of money imo.
Pmags are all you need

01-18-2011, 19:46
Complete waste of money imo.
Pmags are all you need

Before pmags took the market by storm, HK mags were considered the best. I would say $30 a mag would be fair if they're in good condition.

01-18-2011, 19:58
Thanks for all the replies. After finding out how much they are worth I think I will be sticking to the PMags! I can't justify spending that kind of maney on used mags, I would go for 2-3 USGI or PMags for that kind of money!

01-18-2011, 22:28
A guy at the gunshow regularly has the used ones for about 25 bucks. The follower action does feel really nice, so you probably can't go wrong buying them, but it's probably unlikely that you'll find any tangible advantage over PMags.