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01-18-2011, 17:50

This is a chopped Colt 1911 MKIV Series 70 Government model that was done in the late 70's before Colt came out with the Officers model, I was told it was done by Cylinder & Slide and the only marking is a C&S on the base of the magazine. The barrel and slide have been cut to 3.5 inches, a cone has been added to the end of the stock barrel with no bushing, custom guide rod and plug. The frame has been cut on an angle to officers length with only one grip screw, the grips have pins with epoxy at their base to help with holding them in place. It also has the accu-rail system a custom main spring housing and pinned grip safety, front of frame is checkered and all internal parts have been polished. The magazine is custom made and a standard officers magazine will not fit due to the front of the frame being longer. I contacted Cylinder & Slide with no help. Any info on this neat piece would be helpful. Thanks Spider

01-18-2011, 18:23
I'd like to help, but your info and especially your cell phone pics are inadequate.
I'm certain that others here will not be as challenged in giving you an evaluation.

01-18-2011, 18:41
Pistolwrench, what additional info do you need? Based on download limits pictures are limited in quality. I can email you better quality photo's if that may help. Thanks Spider