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01-20-2011, 21:00
I recently ordered an TSA AR adapter for my 870. It utilizes an AR buffer tube and stock, also an AR pistol grip. It cants the pistol grip forward, which looks awkward, but fits nicely, allowing the cheek weld to be damn near perfect with my rifle sights. This 870 is a project gun and this adapter only cost me about 35 dollars.

It's made by TSA in the U.S.A
Made out of polymer with metal inserts (Threads @ buffer area.)
Lightweight, fit is A+ and makes for a nice, cheap solution in the collapsible stock area of shotguns.

Sorry for bad pics it's late and my phone camera is meh...and yes...it's a spray paint digital camo pattern that sucks...I know


01-20-2011, 21:32
Does the TSA adapter come with the AR buffer tube or does it just the adapter?

01-21-2011, 05:30
Just the adapter. I had the buffer tube, stock, and grip laying around.