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JJJJr Shabadoo
01-23-2011, 19:23
New to the forums, Glocks and firearms in general.

Just wondering if anyone on here is from the Wichita, KS area. If so, are there any gun stores in Wichita/surrounding area that you find particularly good, with knowledgeable and helpful staff?


01-25-2011, 10:53
Money Town Pawn Shop at Pawnee and Oliver is really good. They sell the more popular guns (glock, xd, taurus, etc.) and have the cheapest prices in town that I've found. They aren't your typical pawn shop that sells old/rusted guns or anything like that.

Thunderbird Tactical just opened up and I've heard good things about their customer service, but haven't been there myself yet.

JJJJr Shabadoo
01-25-2011, 18:18
I'll have to check them out. I went to Bullseye today. I was the only customer there and was practically ignored by the 4 employees behind the counter playing with the new rifle that came in. Even when I tried to interact with them I got one word answers before they went back to screwing around.

01-25-2011, 20:51
yeah both bullseye and bullet stop have had customer service issues, but they are the only public ranges in the area so you almost have to go there unless you know someone with land.
I know the guys at Money Town are nice and knowledgeable. They even had a big sign that said if they don't have the gun you want, they'll order it for you at 10% over their cost.

JJJJr Shabadoo
01-25-2011, 21:18
Does Money Town carry ammo/accessories as well or just firearms?

01-25-2011, 21:45
just firearms

JJJJr Shabadoo
01-26-2011, 14:25
Went to Thunderbird Tactical on my lunch break today. Wow, what a difference from bullseye. Clean, well organized and the staff was incredibly friendly, and talkative. They don't have anywhere near the amount of stock of Bullseye but I suspect that's due to their being new. I think I'll be doing most of my shopping there. I just wish they had a range.

01-26-2011, 15:41
Good to know. I've been hearing good things from them so I'm going to have to stop in there soon. I just don't like going into gun stores to look when I don't have the extra money to spend :crying:

03-17-2011, 19:07
If you don;t mind driving to Hutch. Shooter Supply is a great store. If you are really up for a road trip try Smokey Valley Shooting Sports south of Lindsborg.

JJJJr Shabadoo
03-18-2011, 19:58
They're both a bit of a hike, but I may have to check them out some weekend when I have some free time. Any good places to shoot in those areas? Any outdoor ranges?


11-26-2011, 10:57
Hey, sorry to bring up a necro thread...
But you might also want to try A Loan At Last at 47th south, just west of K15.
Not a Glock dealer (IIRC) but other firearms and accessories too. Good floks, and where I get all my transfers ($20 cash).

02-25-2012, 18:46
I live in Haven ks, the best prices on new and used guns I have seen is at the treasure chest is Mcpherson ks. They sold me a a ruger sr9c for 410 + tax and a used glock 26 with case and 2 mags for 410, + tax, 820 total. They sell the ruger sr22 for 329.00 They are well worth the drive for me...

12-14-2012, 18:33
The Goddard Gunnery
20410 West Kellogg Dr.
Goddard, Kansas 67052

12-14-2012, 19:23

02-05-2013, 20:09
I'm from Park City. I've been to several of the placed mentioned for the Wichita area; however, I prefer to frequent Thunderbird Tactical... they are good people.