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01-23-2011, 19:30
Im new to semi auto shotguns and im interested in getting one.I know nothing about it ive lokoed online but found mixed awnsers.Also what are the pros and cons of the 1100? i currently have a pump shotgun and im thinking of replacing it with a semi.

01-23-2011, 19:42
Four plus one in the chamber unless you have a tube extension, then or couse this depends on barrel length which would determine your extension also.

The pros and cons are based on what the weapon is for. If this is for hunting or sport shooting then you may prefer the semi. If this for defense then avoid this weapon as it is not reliable enough as any semi auto can have feed issues. The gas operated semi autos like the 1100 and 11-87 are great shotguns but have to fired from a solid shoulder so the inertia will compact the action spring which is what returns the breech bolt forward to pick up and chamber the next round. If you attempt to fire from the hip, take a quick snap shot with the weapon not in a solide shoulder, then the weapon may not feed the next round. Same as limp wristing a 1911 if you understand that.

01-24-2011, 20:07
thanks aippi.Im assuming they offer them in 18.5 and 20'' barrels is that correct

01-24-2011, 22:22
No, there are two in 18.5" but one is PC coated black and other Green. The next shortest one they have is 21" ( don't know the finish) and the cheapest one of those is $225 from Remington. The next up is a VT RC in 22" and it is $240 from Remington. You then step up to 26", 28" and 30".