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01-24-2011, 17:39
I just picked up this piece. What is the verdict on them in terms of reliability? I did some research but did not turn up a lot of info on them. I want to make this into a CCW but I've heard that 3" 1911s are very shaky except for a very, very few models. Is the ATI FX Titan good to go?

Update: So far the mag that comes with it (ACT 7rd) is crap. When loaded up with 7 rounds, the slide cannot strip off the first round when returning to battery. Tried my 8rd Metalform and no problem.


01-24-2011, 18:07
I have the Military model and its been great.

01-24-2011, 20:44
Simple mag fix should be:
Load the mag up and let it sit for a few days. In my experience, ACT mags are a decent mag to come with a gun. I personally wouldnt buy them after the fact because their the same money as wilson and cmc, but they do make a decent magazine

KC Kahr
01-25-2011, 18:44
I have a Titan and it feeds any mag I stick in there 7 or 8 - Kimber, ACT, Colt, whatever came with my RIA.

Keep your eyes on the recoil spring assembly. That screw will back out. Loctite. Make sure the open end of the spring goes in first.

01-25-2011, 20:15
Pics please.