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01-25-2011, 15:59
I finally got a chance to get to the range. The rifle is a smartgunner build but essentially a DDM4 V3 LW. I used a FailZero BCG. This is my first AR and first rifle as well. I started off with 40 rounds of Federal XM193 and 40 rounds of PMC Bronze. The Federal definitely had more kick. Then I went through ~100 rounds of Tula. Now I understand what people are saying when they say it's underpowered, wow, I couldn't believe the difference. At the end I put one box of Remington UMC through. A little more pop than the PMC but less than the Federal. Not a single failure all day. Everything fired, ejected, and feed properly.

Since this was my first outing with a rifle it did take me a while to get it sighted in. Finally did, at least to where I was satisfied. I started at fifty yards and it was on paper out of the box but barely, low and to the right. Got that corrected and it was good to go. I was pretty impressed with the accuracy using the iron sites. I then moved to the 100 yard marker using 12" shoot-n-c targets. Yeah, that's a whole different ballgame and I certainly need some more work there and was happy to just hit the darn target. Overall I had a damn good afternoon. All shots were off my range bag. I took FailZero on there word and not a drop of lube was used. Not exactly a torture test but all went well. The one thing that surprised me was how noisy the buffer spring was, makes a racket.

I didn't even think about keeping my targets. This one is my last set from 50 yards. It's two groups of 5 with Tula.


Here is a shot of the rifle


01-25-2011, 20:18
Cool, looks good. Thanks for the report. How do you like the FZ BCG? I have a TiN bcg I need to test out.

01-25-2011, 22:03
Cool, looks good. Thanks for the report. How do you like the FZ BCG? I have a TiN bcg I need to test out.

Worked well. Not a drop of lube in the BCG and not a single malfunction. Didn't get a chance to clean it yet but I imagine it won't take more than a simple wipe down.