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01-26-2011, 11:20
Hey guys have a question for ya. My dad reloads just about all the major wheel gun/pistol rounds. Winchester 231 is what he typically uses. I just got a Glock 20SF so he is going to dabble in the 10mm. Ive read that 231 is not the best powder for the 10mm. Ive heard unique and AA #9 work well. Any opinions on what you guys use and like would be helpful. We will be loading copper plated 180grn flat nose. Would like them above 1200fps. Thanks again.

01-26-2011, 11:44
IMR 800 X Powder is great in 10mm BUT plated bullets over 1200 fps will start to keyhole in your targets over 1200 fps use FMJ bullets

01-26-2011, 15:43
AA#5, 7, 9. Blue Dot, WAP, Long Shot, 800-X. With plated bullets you might want to stay around 1200 though.

01-26-2011, 16:18
2240 lists the best powders to use - but I also use a TON of Power Pistol, it's my favorite 10mm powder. Plated bullets near 1200 fps key-hole if you even look at them wrong. Keep the vels, down.

01-26-2011, 18:38
800x, longshot, power pistol, AA#9.

Don't bother with the rest.

01-26-2011, 18:51
Thanks for the responses

01-26-2011, 22:14
If you are running with plated bullets, I assume that you are looking for volume work. If so, A9 & A7 meter very well. They are clean burning and will give all the performance that plated bullets can handle. A9 will outperform A7 but will consume more powder. Accurate Powder lists load data for Rainier bullets that will be compatible with the plated bullets.

I'd steer clear of 800-X if you do not want to hand weigh each charge.

I've used a ton of Blue Dot with 180 grain plated bullets with great results in IDPA matches. Good accuracy. It meters reasonably well, but is loud, flashy, and dirty. I am currently migrating away from Blue Dot to A7 for 180 gr plated bullets.

You may not be able to push those to 1200 fps and maintain accuracy. As others have said, these can tumble when pushed. I keep mine under 1100 fps.

Quick loading notes: Make sure to give a generous bell in the case mouth. Seat them out to 1.26", and go really easy on the crimp. The key is to disturb the plating as little as possible.

01-27-2011, 01:26
cool thank you

01-27-2011, 21:32
yep, 800x is a hand job powder

01-28-2011, 05:10
Gotta watch the plated bullets and velocity. I suggest you stick with W231 and load up some practice ammo with that powder and these plated bullets. I run 5.6grs with this weight bullet (but I use 175gr lead TCs) and get about 1050-1150fps, depending on the gun/barrel-length. This is not a whimpy load (I would not load this powder any higher), but is also not an all-out MAX-capability load, either (compared to the AA9 & 800x loads). It will give you good practice at handling the stiffer loads.

When you want to push jacketed bullets to max velocity, I always recommend AA9 as the powder to start off with.