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01-26-2011, 14:41
I ordered the recoil stock for my Mossy 500. Refer to my previous thread below. I am home sick with the flu today, and thought I'd give it a try to install it. The butt stock is nothing to install, but the fore end is a real booger as the nut doesnt seem to want to tighten well onto the tube.

Then, I turn it over and noticed something. What I thought was a cut out in the stock for speed feeding, is completely filled with the forend tube. WTF!!??? Why put the cut out in the stock if it does nothing. To say it looks rediculous isnt enough. Despite looking weird having a wood fore end with the black stock, I like the wood much better and may just put the wood back on.

So, my question is... Is this the way this fore end is supposed to be?


01-26-2011, 18:26
I did not like the fore end in my Knoxx kit for my Maverick at all. It was warped like a banana, (they need to run a super chiller into the mold cycle time) so I kept the black plastic one that came on the gun and tossed the other into the "OK, I might use it someday for something" pile. The butt stock makes up for the whole price so it is a non-issue for me right now.


01-26-2011, 20:34
Same here. I just got the Knoxx set for Christmas. I installed the buttstock...which is what I was really after...but left the stock for-end on.

01-27-2011, 09:42
Stupid question