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lethal tupperwa
01-28-2003, 21:06
I am passing this on to you because it is definitely working for me.

I think I have found inner peace.

I read an article that said the way to achieve inner peace is to
FINISH things I had started.

Today I finished a bag of potato chips, a cherry pie, a fifth of Jack
Daniel's, a small box of chocolate candy and slapped the **** out of
two people I don't like. I feel better already.

Pass this along to others who need inner peace.

Eddie C.
01-29-2003, 09:57
Jim I could do the food part easy enough(LOL);i This is great! I'm gonna use it. Thanks. Eddie C.;f

Eddie C.
01-29-2003, 10:01
Jim, My ex-girlfriend is born again and I sent this to her and she just about peed her drawers. I had to substitute "hell" for you know what but she loved it. Thanks.