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01-27-2011, 13:19
I just bought a g-22 rtf and heres the deal,
when dry firing my g22 theres the trigger take up "creep" then a defind hard pop of the striker, that last 1/16" is really felt, this compared to my G-21 has the normal take up then a soft pop, much smoother..

I asked a cop buddy and he said thats just the way the 22's are and the reason he went with a 21.

am I stuck with this trigger?, I put a 3.5 LWD and a 6lb trigger spring the trigger weight is right at 6lb if I remember right..

any ideas is greatly appreciated, thanks guys

01-07-2012, 23:13
Could be the difference in the number of rounds fired and also is there a difference in what trigger spring you have versus what he has. There are multiple different causes for this. For me I'd rather have a more defined break than the mushy break.

01-12-2012, 02:50
I have a new G22. The trigger break also seems to be quite 'hard' as you described. Harder than I seem to remember the glock triggers being. It is still quite new though. Only a couple of hunderd rounds.

The G22's main application is LE and Military so it might be that the trigger 'ramp' is set to ne 'hard' to stop ND's. It does not really bother me. I prefer it that way. My G22 is a tool and not a competition only piece. I never notice it in courses of fire where things happen quicker.

You can try swapping it out for a G35 trigger?