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View Full Version : Beretta 9000S: any laser sights available?

01-28-2011, 18:49
As titled, looking for a laser sighting device of sone sort for a Beretta 9000S, .40 cal.

I called Crimson Trace, they do not make any, LaserMax doesn't seem to either.


Any options at all?

Thank you!!

01-29-2011, 15:28
Any options at all?

I've found nothing...

Without an accessory rail, until LaserMax or Crimson Trace makes a dedicated laser for it, I think you're stuck.

And to fabricate some bulky gizmo for a compact carry gun, seems highly impractical to me...

I would suggest that you look into point shooting training, and handheld flashlight/gun training, which is an approach many professionals still prefer.


01-30-2011, 16:21
One of the reasons I traded my 9000S, was accessory availability, which is slim to none with the 9000S. I went Glock and haven't looked back. Sorry, no such product of a laser option for the 9000S. No future option either since the 9000S is a discontinued model.

01-31-2011, 13:08
Well, seems my friend is out of luck.

Thank you for the help guys!