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02-01-2011, 19:43
Im new to 1911s and need the best gunsmithing videos that are made. I need to learn how to build from the frame and slide up. I know wilson combat makes some. Which videos do yall recommend for me? I know very little about fitting. All I can do is take them apart and put them back together. thanks a lot.

02-01-2011, 19:46
The only video that I have is the Wilson series. Its an older production, but still helpful.
The Ed Brown video should work too.

Hilton has details and recommended dvds on the 10-8performance.com website.

02-01-2011, 19:47
The Wilson videos are very informative. They are the only ones I have experience with though

02-01-2011, 19:47
Yif you don't have them already, get the Jerry Kuhnhausen1911 workshop manuals.

02-01-2011, 20:43
One Word


02-01-2011, 22:38
Yif you don't have them already, get the Jerry Kuhnhausen1911 workshop manuals.

best recomendation quacks made all day.:tongueout: i'd wanted the kuhnhausen manuals for 20 yrs, quack talked me into it in 5 minutes. also, if you don't have it, get anything 1911 by jb wood. another thoroughly knowledgeable man.

02-02-2011, 16:43
Thanks guys. I did get the jerry k. second book from brownells the other day. Id just like to have some dvds that I can watch also. So far its mostly wilson. Anyothers that you may have experiance with?

02-02-2011, 16:47
from http://10-8performance.com/1911_Technical_Reference.html

•Ed Brown 1911 Guide on CD ROM, 087-000-002: There is some information on barrel lug geometry that is of value, but this is primarily intended to be a care and maintenance manual. A hardcore 1911 student will probably want this for their library, but it is more basic than the 1911 Users Guide available elsewhere on this site. It is a good beginner resource and does include photos, which my guide does not.

•Kuhnhausen Shop Manual, Volume 1, 924-200-045: An introduction to the basic concepts of 1911 work. Some of the information is outdated, but most is very useable.

•Kuhnhausen Shop Manual, Volume 2, 924-800-245: This is an excellent reference guide for the dimensions and geometry of every component. It is a bit overwhelming as far as the volume of information, and may be too much for the beginner to process. I have read this from cover to cover several times, and still refer to it periodically for technical data. This is a must have reference if you are serious about the technical aspects of the gun.

•Wilson Combat COMBAT CUSTOMIZING THE 1911 AUTO video series, 4 Volume DVD set, 965-000-040: Wilson's master smiths walk you through the many steps of building a 1911. The production value is a bit low by television documentary standards (host Lenny Magill speaks off camera to ask questions, but he doesn't have a microphone and his voice is really muffled), but the information is solid and comprehensive. For the modern video generation, this is a good place to start in order to get a solid understanding of the inner workings of the 1911. Be prepared to take notes and review each section repeatedly.

•American Gunsmith Institute (AGI) 1911 videos: BUILDING THE 1911 STYLE LIMITED CLASS OR CARRY GUN Vol. 1 & 2, 050-120-308, 050-000-001: Gunsmith Gene Shuey is very natural on the camera, and presents the information in a clear, concise manner. The production values are much higher, and the tapes are more cleanly organized and presented than the Wilson tape set. AGI's website has these on DVD. Another very comprehensive reference where you will want to take notes. Used in conjunction with the Wilson set, you can compile a pretty useful set of reference materials.

02-02-2011, 16:50
Never mind

02-04-2011, 13:33
Are the agi DVDs very good? I've done some reading on them today. There expensive, but if they are going to help me a lot I may buy them. Thanks

02-04-2011, 13:48
don't know, don't have them, but see the notes from 10-8 that i quoted above.