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02-03-2011, 20:34
Hello All:

I recently picked up a nice used 870 Express Magnum, with an eye towards developing a HD shotgun. The gun has stock wood furniture, a 20" smoothbore IMP CYL barrel with rifle sights, and a weaver rail mounted on the receiver. The gun came with a scope, and had been used as a deer slug gun.

Here's my thoughts, so far... I'd like to add a 3-round extension, and some different sights. I've looked at the XS Big Dot set... does anyone sell just the front dot for use in the Remington stock ramp?

Alternatively, is there a ghost-ring aperture that would work with the weaver rail, and a post-type front night-sight?

I'm not sold on the ghost-ring set-up... not because it wouldn't work, I just think with my eyes, and the short-range needs in my particular house, a big old night-sight dot would be more than adequate. I'd like to keep the rig fairly simple... little better capacity, easy to use sighting system, possibly a light (not a priority right now) and then some trigger time seeing what works best.

I still might try to find a rifled barrel and some Leupold Quick-release mounts, if I want to transform it to a temporary deer gun for November.

I appreciate any thoughts or feedback.


02-04-2011, 12:30
Sounds like you already have the set up if you want to
use it for deer.
Go to JD's page at www.aiptactical.com, he only builds
870's and knows a lot about them.
I think he shows the type sight you are talking about.
He suggest using only a bead front sight for a SD shotgun,
but the sight you mention may work.
Anyways he has a lot of info. there about 870's and
the use of HD shotguns.
As stated on another thread, I use Wilson 2 shot ext.
it's solid as a rock.