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View Full Version : Any one have experience with Double tap ammo?

02-07-2011, 00:40
Specifically the 357 Magnum 158 grain Bonded Defense JHP, or the 180 grain WFNGC?

I will be shooting it out of a s&w M360.


02-07-2011, 01:02
Their 158 grain bonded in the 357 Magnum is loaded with the Gold Dot bullet. It is a pretty tough bullet and a real full power load. Hotter than the factory Speer load. I shoot this load as well as some similar 180 grain loads out of my Python and my SP 101. The 27 oz. SP 101 needed Hogue Monogrips to make the gun more managable under the stout recoil. I think both of these loads are designed to be shot in all steel guns and would go with something milder in a 360. These are full power loads. DT loads several good 38 Special +P loads that would be worth looking at. They even load a 158 grain Keith hardcast +P. I have shot the Keith load out of a Colt Detective Special and like the load.