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View Full Version : got my tru glo TFO's for the 26

02-07-2011, 15:08
i had to get rid of the factory plastic stuff so I decided on the TFO's. They are a nice sight, but they dont send you a wrench to install the front one which suks! I already had one so no big deal on that. I know most others include a wrench with their sights!

Front sight was a little loose and I was afraid to tighten to much. I dont want to strip those threads! After the locktite dried, it seemed to fit tight and snug though.

I had to file the paint off the bottom of the rear sight to get it on though. Its tight which is good in my opinion. Then I cranked the set screw down. The sights are bright! I dont think they are to bright since I went into a darked out room and I could see them clearly which is what I want. Overall, they are decent so far. Ill see how they hold up after a few weeks. I havent shot with them on yet, so I want to make sure they stay in place!

02-07-2011, 15:42
I love my Tru Glo TFOs. They are great in any light condition. :supergrin: