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01-31-2003, 09:01
I had just moved from an apartment to a house in the same small town.

One day at the grocery store, I used the last of my personalized checks bearing my old address.

The cashier examined the document and asked if everything on it was correct. I assured her that it was, and she started to put the check in the cash drawer. But then she inquired again if everything was accurate.

"Why do you ask?" I responded.

"Because," she replied, "my husband and I moved to this apartment yesterday, and I don't remember seeing you at breakfast."

Steve Koski
01-31-2003, 18:03
The other day my wife and I were driving around Walla Walla. The subject turned to one of my daughter's friends. No later did we say her name and she walked out of Blockbuster right in front of us.

This doesn't happen in Portland.

01-31-2003, 19:50
I've got one too. The other day at lunch time I called in my order at a Pizza Hut, gave them my phone number and last name. I was pretty busy so one of my coworkers (of 62 or so) drove by to pick it up. They gave her my order and correct change without her saying a word. Neither of us eat there that often either... We both laughed about it.

01-31-2003, 20:33
The Pizza story reminded me..

Doncha think it's amazing that all ya gotta do any more is just call the Pizza place.. their phone caller ID system identifies who you are.. their data base recalls your last few orders.. heck, they know more about you than you realize..

As a matter of fact, I like to kid my wife that I bet she'd get a "Get Well" card from them if they didn't hear from us in a while..

Dennis in MA
02-02-2003, 10:52
You think THAT'S funny, when my 2nd daughter was born, we practically lived on wretched pizza from Domino's. (Only place that delivers near me. :( )

That Christmas, they sent us a Christmas card. I should have saved it.