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02-09-2011, 15:19
I'm sorry, I realize there must be a lot of people who ask the exact same question but I just don't know where else to look..

I'm thinking about getting some night sights for my Glock 20. I currently have a TLR-1S installed on it, which stays on the pistol permanently, and think night sights would make for a great combo in low light or dark situations.

Now, my budget is generally very tight but if it's really worth it, I can save for a while and get the right thing.

I'm looking for a regular 3-dot system, nothing unconventional or too large.

What would you guys recommend for me? I am clueless.

Calico Jack
02-09-2011, 15:23

02-09-2011, 15:25
Send your slide to Glock, they'll install the Glock (mepro) night sites for around $60.

02-09-2011, 15:27
Ameriglos :wavey:

The Hawk
02-09-2011, 15:31
Another vote for trijicon. I had them installed on my Glock probably 10 years ago and they work great. Not only for night firing, but also for locating your Glock in the drawer in the dark. Do it and don't look back.

02-09-2011, 15:36

I really like these ones because they offer regular white 3-dot config for daylight shooting, plus the glow in the dark function.

Anybody know where I can find them cheap?

The Retired Sarge
02-09-2011, 20:44
Another vote for the Glock factory NS that use the Meprolight tubes. I greatly prefer Meprolights over Trijicon or any other brands. Bill

02-09-2011, 20:48
Send your slide to Glock, they'll install the Glock (mepro) night sites for around $60.

+1. I live close enough to Smyrna and have had Glock put their night sites on 3 pistols that I've had. Still have two of them years later and still very bright. Best value

Duece McCracken
02-09-2011, 20:48
Not sure where to get them cheap, but I rock them on my G20, worth every penny!!

lethal tupperwa
02-09-2011, 20:51
[url]] !!!

the lamps are trijicons

02-09-2011, 20:53
I got the trijicon installed on mine for $100 at the local gun store. 5 minutes in and out. Highly recommend.

02-09-2011, 21:04
Could some of you guys with all these different sights post a pic of the ones you own, if it's not much trouble? The problem I have with sending my gun to Glock is that this is my only gun and I would have nothing to carry with me or protect my house.

Angry Fist
02-09-2011, 21:07
I have the Mepros, but I might try a Big Dot on my next one.

Glock Fever
02-09-2011, 21:10
Check your local gun dealers as the price varies from store to store. I had one quote 110.00 plus tax installed and another at 89.50 plus tax installed for trijicons. The store at 89.50 plus tax replaced a set on my G17 and on my G22 in about 15-20 minutes total. I thought that was a good deal.