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02-10-2011, 04:54
Local shop has one, it has the breacher barrel (would never need) and the 4 plus 1 capacity.

What possible advantage does the 4 plus 1 have? (I cant see any advantage) So my question is, why doesnt Mossberg make all of them 7 plus 1?

Also, how hard would it be to convert this one to 7 plus 1? I have heard that with the breacher barrel you cant use the extended magazine? Something about clearance?

02-10-2011, 08:56
Lots of good news here-

The Mossberg 930 is one of the most popular shotguns on this forum, so you'll have PLENTY of feedback, almost all good. I am bias as an owner but it's an EXCELLENT shotgun, I mean, basically it's like a turbo-diesel-engined Hummer H2 -- It's Sleek and Cool looking but it runs fast and badass and will run forever and in tough conditions.

The 4+1 is standard for Mossberg's (at least standard in the 930's ) but is Very very easily correctable - Choate Machine and Tool ( makes a very large amount of magazine extensions for the Mossberg 930. you can pick your size. For example I bought a 930 SPX with a factory installed, standard, Choate +3 extension but - its not allowed in my pride and joy state of Jersey so I called them, they made me a +1 extension THAT DAY, the lady literally called later to tell me it had been blued and would be sent out on Monday (I called and ordered it on a Friday, and they made it and blued but wanted it to "chill out" and also be covered in oil for the weekend, letting it "drink up" the oil etc.) -- Choate's ppl are Supernice, I mean the ladies there are super nice.

I can't speak about the breacher barrel clearance but you could always just go down a little in lenght i.e. get a +2 instead of a +3 , I'm sure one round down wouldn't kill ya in the grand scheme of things.

And you should snap up this shotgun -- you'll love this. Seriously I am SO HAPPY I took the advice of this very forum and bought mine -- it's not my most expensive but definitely my most untouchable gun. I had tears in my eyes last August when I had a serious serious problem with money (sudden problem brought on big money trouble -- I just didn't have what I needed all the sudden and had run out of resources) and I was thinking about taking up a few offers. I literally had tears cause it's such a good gun (and very unreplaceable in NJ lol)

02-10-2011, 09:48
Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

Do you have the pistol grip stock or the standard stock and which do you prefer?

02-10-2011, 10:34
no probs np.... my pleasure and always welcome.

Now I have the conventional stock but understand that the state of NJ bans autoloading shotguns having pistol grip stocks. So it's what I could get. {As it happens the state also bans autoloaders that hold more than 6 shots. So basically the 930 SPX is a banned shotgun in NJ... not banned by name (which there is a substaintial list!) but banned by the stock and capacity features. I got one luckily because Dick's screwed up. Now I have the standard stock and I had the company that makes the magazines for the 930 SPX just make me a magazine extension making my capacity 6 instead of 8 so I'm all good. Also I replaced the factory pad on the stock and put on a LimbSaver, and it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. I mean I can accurately blast away with full size full power 00 Buck and it doesn't hurt. And I can really control the muzzle and point that baby real good. it is a HUGE difference maker.

Trust me buddy, I'm not sure how much they want for this, exactly the condition etc. but you'll probably like it unless it's ****ed up.

02-10-2011, 12:09
I like that same shotgun and think the +2 extension u listed would look good, but would like to know how far it stuck out? Would it lign up where the breacher and barrel come together or further out?
Also is I buy the exension are there any tabs or nipples that need to be ground down for the extension?