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02-10-2011, 09:25

02-10-2011, 15:31
Coulda bought that same gun (G-19) from Glock for $5000, and I thought it was horribly over-priced then...

If Glock really wanted to sell these fancy Glocks regularly, they should have put their price-point around $2000-$2500, which would more than cover the cost of engraving and gold-inlay, plus the gun and a small profit, and would have been at a price that someone crazy about Glocks or collecting them, would have actually paid for it... Possibly part of the problem is that they had them engraved in Germany, and those engravers' prices over there are much higher than if they'd have imported them first and had some of the good, far-less-expensive, American engravers do them. There's one here in the states that does a great German scroll (or oak-leaves or a combination) just like that for around $900.

I'm sure someone will buy that at $10,500 starting price, but it won't be me and it will be a long, long time to get it sold, I'm sure. I've seen these for sale (I think by the same seller) off-and-on at GB for years...

02-10-2011, 15:45
That's nice work. Kind of cheesey on a Glock (w/standard sights too), but nice work non the less.

02-13-2011, 19:00
That gold inlay looks like hell to me....I wouldn't have it at 1/10 of that price....That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!!!!

02-14-2011, 17:17
Wow, what a waste of time, effort and a good pistol. Glocks are normally butt ugly and that just made it worse.

02-14-2011, 18:28
I wouldn't ever buy it but I think it looks kinda cool....Like something off a metro cop movie or something

02-18-2011, 03:46
Glock made it rather tough to order one of those guns, and they weren't really interested in customizing them either. For that kind of money (the $5K) I'd expect to have some choice over the work, and be able to talk to the engraver (such as with S&W).

Doc Holliday
03-28-2011, 08:29
LOL, it's been relisted 7 times so far...I don't think anyone is going to buy it...

03-30-2011, 00:01
LOL, it's been relisted 7 times so far...I don't think anyone is going to buy it...

And that's just the times it's been relisted since this thread started, isn't it?? I know I've seen them on auctionarms and GB for years. One company bought most of them, and I think he's rather "stuck" with them. He's either going to sit on them forever, or he's eventually going to come down and sell them for whatever he can get his money for out of them. The only other possibility is he can sit on them until inflation catches up with the prices! :rofl: