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02-11-2011, 13:19
I'd really appreciate if someone, with Glocksmithing credentials could comment on this post ( from the Defensive carry forum. The author found a way that trigger would not function correctly if the firearm was squeezed in certain spots. I'm a complete newbie and was thinking about installing a Ghost Tactical connector in my G27, carry gun.


02-14-2011, 18:46
First I've heard of that. I just checked my 21SF with the Ghost worked fine. I couldn't duplicate what that guy said to do so that it wouldn't fire. However, I did leave the factory 5# (?) spring in the pistol after installing the 3.5 Ghost connector. Mainly, left it in for reliability after reading some articles saying the lighter weight spring may not be ideal for personal defense carry. I also did the 25 cent trigger job while I had the pistol taken down.The Ghost 3.5 Rocket, factory spring, and trigger job made for one nice trigger on my 21SF. But, I'm not a Glocksmith.

ETA: I was mistaken...I didn't leave the factor spring in. I replaced it with a new 6# Wolff spring...forgot about that.