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02-12-2011, 12:12
Hello shotgunners,

I am a dedicated pistol and rifle man, but recently purchased a Remington 870 for HD. My wife is very comfortable with a pump shotgun, and prefers it for HD. Keep momma happy kinda thing.:whistling:

QUESTION is: I purchased a +2 Wilson Combat-Scattergun technologies kit that includes the spring and plunger, and was told it would fit flush on the 18.5 inch barrel...but it sticks out 2 full inches past the end of the barrel!:shocked: .....

Looks kinda weird, but does not affect the function at all. Just a bit too mall ninja looking for my like. Any significant drawbacks to this? Suggestions? Anyone else running this kinda setup?

Thanks in advance!

02-12-2011, 12:29
Assuming this is not a JOKE thread.........YOu have a serious issue here. The Wilson plus 2 will end about 1/2" behind the 18.5" barrel.

So either you do not have a Wilson plus two extension or you have a short barrel about 14" and that shotgun is an SBS which is legal if you have the $200 tax stamp and proper forms. If not, it is jail time.

Wilson only makes a one shot and two shot extention. You need to find out what is going on here ASAP. Call me at 231-690-0954 and I can tell you how to determine if the extension is a Wilson and you have an 18.5" barrel or simply go to www.aiptactical.com (http://www.aiptactical.com) and look at the HD/Duty model. That is an 18.5" Barrel and Wilson 2 shot extension and if yours does not look like that then you have a serious problem.

02-12-2011, 12:37
Not a joke thread. That's not my style. It is a 18.5 inch barrel, for sure. I measured it.

I am taking this thing off and back to the store from which I bought it. I think it may be a knockoff. The bag said Wilson Combat, but it does not say it anywhere on the mag extension. I think I've been got......:faint:

02-12-2011, 12:49

02-12-2011, 12:49
Yes, since Wilson only makes one and two shot extensions there is an issue. Good to hear it is not the barrel issue. Having an SBS is great aslong as you have the papper work since jail sucks.

Maybe Wilson or Scattern gun made longer ones years ago and it is an old used one. I have not seen any like that but hey, that could be and answer and I just don't know those exsist. If it says "Scattergun Tech" it is called a Wilson as Wilson bought that company years back and maybe there were extensions longer then 2 rd back then. So if there are longer used ones out there some of the guys here may know about them and will post in.

Also, all Wilson Extensions retail for $45, all of them, does not matter if it is a 0ne shot or two. So if you paid more or less then that then that is another flag.

02-12-2011, 12:51
Does it look like this?

Full Shotgun

18.5 Barrel on my 870.


02-12-2011, 13:16
Sounds like you got a +3. Take it back if it is not what you want. Have you looked into Nordic extensions?

For those who are curious an extension 2" past the muzzle will not effect performance.

02-12-2011, 15:16
Get the correct Wilson Combat 2 shot extension as it is the best value in a tube extension on the market.

02-12-2011, 15:46
Got it licked-

Took it at face value, but turned out NOT to be a WC/Scatgun brand. It was some kind of knockoff and I got my $ back. Gunshop took it and some holsters on a trade from one of their regulars. Oh well...

Thanks for the replies and I appreciate you guys' help.

02-13-2011, 04:26
I just purchased a wilson +2 extension from brownells for my 870. And as Aippi stated it's about an inch shorter then the barrel.