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02-17-2011, 14:52
Ok, So I picked up my brand new RAMI BD from the FFL last night after having oredered it on Feb 4th. Not too bad, only 12 days of wait, considering it was ordered direct from CZ.
I gave it a thourough cleaning and a light lube. Man, the oil that it is bathed in is wild. Mags were even more caked with the stuff than the pistol. I suppose it is neccesary though, I believe this pistol has probably been sitting around on a shelf somewhere for around a year and a half or so. The electronic representation of the initial 5 rounds that they include was accomplished in Oct 2009. (which makes me wonder why the RAMI BD is hard to find, if they are just chilling on the shelf at CZ. That is a whole other thread though.)

Anyway, took here to the range today for some break in. Here at pics of the first four magazines through her:
Shooting her was GREAT. Very comfortable, absolutely love the feel of it. Ergos ROCK. Trigger was a little gritty at first, mostly in DA. SA has an excellent break. Accuracy was more than I could shoot. I feel like I shot decent with it, and am sure I will improve with it.

Now for the not-so-good:

I ended up shooting 350 rounds with her, and did experience a few hiccups. I had a light strike on the 77th round. I reloaded it and it fired fine the second time. I attribute this to the ammo.

More concerning, I had a fail to feed type jam, on the 159th, 179th and 189th rounds. Everyone of them was on the 9th (or second to last) round of the mag. I also believe all three were from the same magazine. Im not sure to make of this. Perhaps it was a limpwrist issue, (it WAS 159 rounds in) maybe it was a dirty mag. Not sure, but after those 3, I fired 161 flawless rounds. Here is a pic of the tips of the three rounds that didnt feed properly. Maybe someone will recognize the dents and can tell me a little more.
I really do think it was a magazine problem. I have numbered the mags now so I can tell them apart, should I have the problem again. All the ammo I shot today was 115gr FMJ Magtech. Ill probably try some other ammo soon. I just bought 1200 rounds of that magtech though so, it may be a little bit, unless this problem becaomes prevalent. I also intend to run some JHP rounds through it VERY soon, mostly because I am worried that if the FMJ round nose hangs in it, it may be a HUGE issue with the JHP.

I really want this to not be a problem, as I REALLY like this gun. I shoot it fairly well (for me at least). I shoot it MUCH better than the Glock 26 or the HK P200SK. That and its just plain sexy.

02-17-2011, 14:53
Here are a couple of other distances. The farthest I shot it was 30 feet. Ill work up to 25 yards eventually, but for now I figured I would concentrate on SD distances.

02-21-2011, 10:08

02-26-2011, 07:40
Congrats! :cool:

02-26-2011, 07:58
Congrats on your CZ. The Rami is the only hand fitted gun CZ makes so it is a little tight and needs to be shot some to break in all the parts. Their triggers smooth out alot with dry firing and shooting. Your targets look great especially with a new gun.

02-28-2011, 20:27
Can you post up some pictures of the gun... also if you don't mind me asking what did the RAMI run you?

02-28-2011, 20:36
I hope it's better than the one I had.:whistling:

02-28-2011, 21:45
I hope it's better than the one I had.:whistling:

You can't say something like that without elaborating on the subject and tell us all what happened.

03-03-2011, 19:06
Can you post up some pictures of the gun... also if you don't mind me asking what did the RAMI run you?

Ill try to get some pics up soon. $590 Shipped. It is the BD, came with Night sights and 2, 10 round mags. (one that works, lol)

You can't say something like that without elaborating on the subject and tell us all what happened.

WERD! Tell the story!

OK, Update......

I now have a total of 1000 rounds through her. A mix of different FMJ and JHP. 500 rounds through 1 of my mags with ZERO malfunctions. The other one however has 500 rounds with 13 malfunctions, all the same. Fail to feed nosedives. The rounds basically catch on the bottom of the feedramp.

Point is, I am convinced that magazine #2 is the culprit. I trust the "good" mag, and will only use that one to carry untill I can get another. I think I will call CZ and tell them about this, and see if they will replace it.

03-03-2011, 19:36
That is what I want to pick up next the RAMI BD... Can't seem to locate one... where did you find yours?

03-03-2011, 21:03
That is what I want to pick up next the RAMI BD... Can't seem to locate one... where did you find yours?

Got it from Impact Guns online. They told me they had to get it direct from CZ, but I still only waited 12 days from the day I ordered it to the day I picked it up at my local FFL.

04-05-2011, 13:57
They really are excellent.

Well worth the extra money asked for the factory Nites.

Now that my RMI P is on the way to me.

I'll be looking for a BD next.

I really can't help it if the RAMIs are my favorite CZ model.

04-06-2011, 18:29
Nice! I've been wanting a RAMI for a while now, I'm just too broke to get one.

05-17-2011, 15:52
They are worth the time and expense to land one.

Here's my new (to me) RAMI P with custom CZ85 Combat trigger.
So accurate@15 yards that it outshoots my LCR with laser grip!

I plan on buying a BD later this Summer.

It will get some Marschal Grips for sure.

05-18-2011, 21:09
You can't say something like that without elaborating on the subject and tell us all what happened.

I bought the .40 RAMI when they were first introduced. I was young and naive, believed the great review in the gun mag where the .40 RAMI was a breakthrough, 100% reliable and accurate as a full sized pistol.
Since I had a 97 and a 40P (1911 style grip frame) and was generally on a CZ kick, I expected the RAMI to be awesome.
The 9mm versions were generally good, the .40 versions like mine were not.
The first thing was gettting it to feed anything, it hated both JHP and FMJFP equally. Sometimes it'd get through a mag, but never twice in a row.
The slide did not like returning to battery, would stop about 1/4 inch short. Bump the slide and it would go. We (the shop and I) noticed frame 'chattering' marks approx where the lockup was, supected perhaps bad cam angle- which might have caused the out of battery thing....but it flat wouldn't feed with several types of ammo.

So, off it went to Kansas where ever cheerful Mike Eagleshield would hopefully correct it. CZ customer service was not good, no input on whether they had the gun, how long they'd keep it, whether it was under warranty (seemed a no-brainer), etc.

Gun came back 2mons later. First outing, jams. Two types of ammo. Mike had polished the feed ramp apparently, test shot with Fed 165 gr.
Shop provided same ammo, failed on second mag in their bullet trap.
Guys on CZ forum were experiencing same sort of problems with their RAMI .40, the gun was said to be a frustration for Mike at CZ USA....poor guy, it was frustrating owning one as well.:upeyes:

We ( shop guy and I) tried a few different spring sets in the gun as well, since Wolff didn't have anythig specific for the RAMI at the time. We found the Kimber Ultra Carry recoil springs helped a little with the slide returning, but we knew ultimately it didn't solve the problem with feeding and likely there really was something wrong with the cam angle and barrel lockup, given the frame rails were still getting chewed pretty bad from the slide after only 200 rounds.

I traded it off for a revolver.:supergrin: