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02-18-2011, 19:29
I got my new 10mm conversion barrel from storm lake today, I have a new G21.45 3rd gen gun manufactured in the summer of 2010..... I installed the barrel, new guide rod, loaded the new 10mm mag and when I rack it back and then rack it again the round does not eject out..it kicks out just a little and with the mag out and racking it back to eject the round it just falls out the mag area. Granite I have NOT shot it yet.........
When I ordered the barrel the storm lake guy told me this was a drop n go barrel...no mods needed, extractor would not need replaced or adjusted.

I bought Remington 180 grain rounds with nickel plated casings...is this my problem or did storm lake not make the barrel correctly or are there other mods needed? I have read many reviews where people have just done exactly as I have and not had an issue. :dunno:

02-18-2011, 19:40
He gave you incomplete information. The extractors are different. The breech faces are different. Some people have had extraction problems. Others not. Older Glocks were said to have extraction issues due to the angle of the extractor hook. Newer ones less so.

If you get it working, it would be a range barrel. Not for carry.

Contact JR here and see if he has suggestions. he's the man on this stuff.

02-18-2011, 23:42
Are you soft racking it? (Make sure you have your finger outside the housing-- gun pointed in a harmless direction) Whip it back, HARD, with gusto to simulate the 10mm round explosion... what does that do then?

Not unusual for most Glocks to just drop the ammo down the empty magwell on a hand rack, they just barely kick out.

02-21-2011, 11:12
After oiling up the mags just a bit, and racking it a bit faster I didn't have a problem, and after shooting this round and seeing the damage it does and the kick it gives....o my!