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02-21-2011, 16:29
As I check the web sites for night sights, I find no reference to compatibility with the new gen 4 guns. Can someone confirm that if a web site states G27 for instance that it will work for the gen 4's as well as the gen 3's.

BTW, my G27 gen 4 has a nut on the inside of the slide under the front sight. I believe the gen 3 guns are press fitted. Is this correct?

Thanks in advanced for any insight on this.

Glockwork Orange
02-21-2011, 16:54
They should fit Gen 3 and Gen 4, there was no change to the dovetail on the slide...later Gen 3's and Gen4's have screw front sight...

02-21-2011, 17:15
Older front polymer sights were "pinned" in place. Older factory night sights were crimped into place. Glock switched to screws around March 2009.

Any sight designed for a Gen3 will fit a Gen4.