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View Full Version : Slide degreaser before sight install?

02-25-2011, 13:55
So I pulled off my stock Glock sights and am just about to install a set of Trijicon Novaks on my G19. They finally arrived. Should I just wipe down the slide with alchohol or should I use a fancy degreaser before I install them. While I don't have any degreaser, I have electrical contact cleaner and brake cleaner, will one of those work or should they not be used on a new Glock slide?



02-25-2011, 14:41
Alcohol should work fine. The idea is just to get it clean. I use Hoppes Blast & Shine on mine, which I think must be mostly alcohol because it evaporates away in just a few seconds.

02-26-2011, 08:26
I didn't get a response right away and I was in the middle of doing he sight change. I ended up putting some brake cleaner on a Qtip and wipping the front sight area off on the outside and inside and then the rear sight channel.

I will say that the new rear sight pressed in tough, even with the Trijicon pusher. It's all done and has set up for a day with the thread locker, blue not red, so it is ready to go bang.

Thanks for responding Brandon. Should have posted this thread a week ago since I knew the sights were coming.


02-26-2011, 08:33
Ive never done sight install before but IIRC should not be too much resistance. Hopefully its on straight.

PS I use rubbing alcohol for degreasing. Its cheap and works wonders!