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03-02-2011, 05:28
I've always wanted a suppressor and i figured since I'm getting out the military soon and moving out this commie state (California) and going back home to Indiana that its about time I exercise my 2nd Amendment. My question is what barrel to mate up with the Ti-Rant 9m i'm submitting my form for in the next few weeks. On the AAC website it says for mount "Threads using any Evo 9mm pistons" and i really don't understand what that means. I plan on using it in my Glock 17 and purchasing a Jarvis barrel. So if you could just help me select which barrel to use would be great. Thanks

Zak Smith
03-03-2011, 16:16
Your best bet is to call the manufacturer. I would take that to mean "threads must match any thread pattern for which Evo 9mm pistons are available."