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03-03-2011, 16:39
I'm looking for a high-ride forward cant belt holster for my Glock 36. It must be tight and secure. I am a retired LEO and hunting guide in northern NH. Much of my time is spent erecting, climbing tree stands and crawling around in the brush. I don't want to reach down and find the pistol missing! And, of course, the Model 36 is with me during more normal activities.

Any suggestions?


Mas Ayoob
03-03-2011, 18:35
Blackhawk SERPA (I'd use the belt slot attachment, not the paddle) or Bianchi's high-ride security holster with the middle finger release, or Safariland ALS should all get you where you need to go. The Bianchi will probably give you the best concealment. Do a Google search for each company and check the online catalogs carefully; the G36 is not the most popular Glock, and all these holsters may not be available for that particular model.