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03-04-2011, 07:30
There is a new ammo company based in Payson Arizona called HPR ammo ( HPR stands for High Precision Range). I have read good things about their product so I shot them off an e-mail:

I am a very big fan of the 357sig round. Does HPR have any plans to
produce any??

Got a nice reply:

We just brought on the 38 special this month. Next up will be the 357MAG in a JHP.

Eventually we'll get to the SIG.

Thanks for your interest and letting us know of your requests as it helps with our development lineup.

If anyone else in interested in putting in a request, their e-mail is

03-10-2011, 17:43
Good find, Nit! Is this match grade ammo though? Seems a bit pricey, just looking at the 9mm boxes.