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03-08-2011, 20:49
I just recently bought a Ruger New Vaquero. It doesnt say so, but the way the grips are set up, I believe it is a Bisley, but the etching on the barrel just says New Vaquero. It is chambered in .45 LC. I was wondering if it is alright to shoot lead bullets out of it as they are about all the I can find in my price range. :supergrin: Also, what is the highest grain I should run through it? Is there a limit? (I know within reason, not talking about 6,000 grain or anything :rofl:) Thanks in advance for all your help everyone!

03-08-2011, 21:49
Lead and hard cast 250 and 255 grain bullets should be just the ticket in your New Vaquero. Make sure to stick with standard pressure loads. You may be interested to read the review on the New Model Vaquero on Gunblast.

03-09-2011, 10:06
i have several of them, and lead 250rnfp is the only thing that has ever been through any of them! i ususally load my own, with oregon trail laser-cast 250, and use unique powder. 45lc is one of those cartridges that will get you started reloading very quickly! they are fun to shoot, and factory fodder is extremely expensive!

03-09-2011, 18:08
Awesome, thanks guys. And thanks for that link, the info in there was really helpful. Lead rounds it is!

04-01-2011, 08:31
AK gave good advice.

Let me add this. You can shoot all the lead you want out of a Ruger. I been doing it for over 40 years. 98% of all my loads (hand loads and shooting) are with Hard Cast lead from Hunters Supply, Lead Heads, or Beartooth bullets.

With the "NEW" Vaquero, you will have to shoot loads not over 1050fps, about 27000 psi. It is NOT as strong as the "OLD" style Ruger Vaquero's I carry and will not take the added pressures. It was designed for the cowboy action shooting crowd, and for , as I said, NO more than 1050fps. So Do not buy HOT laods for it, and do not reload HOT for it.

You can run up to 300gr bullets in it, both cast and JHP's. been doing it for years in the Vaquero's. You'll be fine.

Just stay within the 1050fps MAX range and you ar perfectly fine.... ;)

In fact, I just bought a Ruger 44 Special Flat Top. It is the same with this. I cannot shoot as hot a load through this new model, as I can from the old Vaquero or SBH 44 mag with 44 specials in them. They are just made on a smaller lighter frame, and cylinder walls are not as thick.

You will love your new gun if you stay within the 1050fps limit.

To encourage you. A 275 gr bullet at 1,000 fps or a 250gr at 1,000fps will kill Elk with a well placed lung shot using hard cast bullets from your gun out at 50yds. So think about your gun this way. ;)

Enjoy !


Wet Dog
04-26-2011, 18:25
What Canyon Man said is sage advice. Well worth heading.

He helped me develop a good load with a 315 grain Cast bullet when I first got my Montado New Vaquero. The best success I had was with IMR 4227 at a bit over 900 fps.

I've since added the RCBS 45-270 Keith style bullet mold (drops closer to 280gr) and man do I like that bullet. Brian Pearce of Handloader Magazine (April-May 2007) did a GREAT article on this bullet and he lists some data for the RNV up to 20,000psi. Going a grain under his MAX for Unique I was getting 998 fps, average (981-1031 fsp range for the string) in my 5.5" RNV. Accurate, pleasant to shoot and the load I woods walk with. I'd have no compunction about hunting with that load/bullet combo within archery ranges though I've taken it out to 100 yards on paper with good results. I've even taken a few shots at the 400 yard dinger which required about a 30' hold over to get it there... Shoots point of aim out to around 50 yards.

The 45 Colt doesn't get the respect it deserves. Even at original velocities and bullet sizes it was a very effective round. Now with modern powders, improved bullets it's even better. Wound channels are straight and bigger than bullet diameter even without expansion. Aim for the exit hole and you'll be needing your knife shortly.

05-12-2011, 00:40
Wet Dog, that is a nice looking holster. Can you post some info on it if you have the time?

Wet Dog
05-12-2011, 17:00
The holster is a Mernickle leather PS6SA. I have one for each of my Ruger New Vaqueros. Outstanding for Single Action carry pistols. Rides high and is comfortable in both the strong side and cross draw positions. Retention is excellent, even while running or crawling. It works very well if your single action revolver ever is one of your Every Day Carry guns and it's good for field carry too though in winter I like a lower riding holster (like the one offered on the Ruger Website - good value) as it is easier to draw with a buttoned up coat.

There is a good review over at too.