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03-13-2011, 14:56
I have 2- 7 gallon jugs filled with tap water. I rotate the water every 4-5 months. Is this okay in terms of using it to drink in case of an emergency? I keep them in my garage out of the sun. Do I need to use purification drops?

Also, I have a Katadyn hiker pro...
I'm thinking it's useful for hiking/outdoor events but I'm considering getting the larger one that supports 13,000 gallons because of the simplicity of the filter and larger amounts water it can purify in a real emergency. Suggestions?

I'm sure I'll have many questions in the near future as I'm starting to gather a decent amount of preparedness/emergency gear.

Thanks for your help and guidance!

JC Refuge
03-13-2011, 15:50
Tap water rotated every few months should be OK--particularly if you protect your containers from sunlight (if the jugs are blue--that's fine). If you want to be safe--boil it before drinking.

When your water source is questionable, purification tablets or drops (or FRESH household bleach) are an outstanding option to have on hand as a final stage treatment (after filtering and/or boiling) to eliminate viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Note that you need a minimum of one gallon of pure drinking water per person per day. Some authorities say two gallons per person is needed, if you include washing and cooking needs.

Katadyn filters are excellent portable filters for use in emergencies or in the field. I believe you may be referring to the Pocket when you talk about the Katadyn with the 13,000 gallon capacity. That is the model that is most relied upon in the field by the military and aid agencies around the world.

03-14-2011, 19:10
Yes, I was referring to the Katadyn Pocket. However, will the Hiker Pro with an extra filter suffice in an emergency since I already own it or would you recommended me to invest another ~$250 for the Pocket?

JC Refuge
03-14-2011, 20:00
It's a personal choice, obviously. I should say that I have been a Katadyn dealer for many years.

The Pocket is built to be far more robust. The Hiker Pro is plastic. The Pocket has the higher capacity and can more effectively deal with very dirty water.

In spite of the name of the Hiker Pro--it is the Pocket that the pros rely upon.