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03-14-2011, 13:02
I'm looking at getting a semi or pump 12 gauge. Can't afford a Benelli/HK so I'm looking at Remmy 1100/11-87/870, and Mossberg 500 series. Let me know if there's something else you think I should be looking at.

I've seen both the 1100 and 870 in flipped, left-handed configurations. I have not seen any left handed Mossbergs per se, but the 590 appears to have an ambidextrous stock and safety.

Obviously I'll be checking anything out in person before I buy it but my local gun shop is very small and doesn't have any of the above models in stock right now so it'll be a few weeks before I can see them in the flesh (don't have access to my car right now). A couple of questions:

Am I right in thinking that right-handed 1100s, 11-87s, and 870s have ambidextrous stocks? If so, where are the safety and bolt/slide release positioned and how awkward are these to operate as a southpaw?

How good is the ejection on these shotguns? I have had no issue with being hit in the face with brass from right handed rifles but just want to check this wouldn't be an issue if I had a right-hand ejecting shotgun.

Will left handed stocks fit to a right handed gun, and will aftermarket stocks fit to left handed guns (say, if I wanted to put a pistol grip or a synthetic stock on it)?

Are the slide releases on the 870/590 ambidextrous? And if not, how much of an issue is having a slide-release on the wrong side (if I were to get a 590, or a right handed 870 and put a left-handed or ambidextrous stock on it)?

Big Bird
03-14-2011, 14:11
Ithaca Model 37
Browning Pump Shotgun

03-14-2011, 17:33
I'm left handed and for readily available shotguns, I go with the 590. (I sound like a commercial)
The tang safety is neutral. I believe the Rems are no longer switchable, but I might be wrong.
The slide release on the Rem makes you change your grip to operate.
The slide release of the 590 works better for left handers. No need to change the grip. I use my trigger finger to hit the slide release just as I use it to hit the slide stop on most Semi-auto pistols.
One more advantage for using a standard 590 (right-hand 870/1100)...to do a tactical reload (loading one rd with the action open) left hand maintains a proper grip and the right hand dumps it right into the open ejection port.
I hope this helps. And remember....Some were born to use the right hand, others were born to use the proper hand.

03-14-2011, 19:38
You probably want a bottom ejecting shotgun like a browning or ithaca. BUt most southpaws do great with right handed shotguns btw.