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03-14-2011, 18:48
Can anyone give some feedback regarding this brand of 1911 mags? Are this as good as KimPro Tac Mags or Wilson Combat?

03-14-2011, 18:51
I believe they are made by MecGar,........good stuff!
I would rate them better than Kimber mags, but on level ground with Wilson

03-14-2011, 19:41
They're a decent mag for the $ but there are better choices too. They have been known to have very fragile feedlips. Dollar for dollar, a CMC Power Mag is a better choice from a quality standpoint.

Jason D
03-14-2011, 20:03
Even the Wilson is not the end all magazine.
Out of the two 47Ds I have had, I had two that sucked.

For a cheap well built magazine, look for Mec-Gar or MetalForm.
You can usually get the 7 round MetalForms from CDNN Investments for less than 10 a piece.

03-14-2011, 20:04
I've had good luck with them and the price is hard to beat. The only mag I've had problems with recently was a Wilson 47D--it may have been an incompatibility with the gun but the slide stop wore a groove in follower after just a couple of hundred rounds and would no longer lock the slide open. Since the Act-Mag followers are metal, that won't happen.

03-14-2011, 20:24
If you're lookin' for mags on the cheap, I'd go with Checkmate hybrids or G.I.s, Springfield Armory's mags or Metalforms with the round follower.

Wilsons, Tripps and Chips are not necessary for ball ammo. They're wadcutter mags...