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03-15-2011, 13:54
I recently purchased a Bushnell Red Dot Tropy scope # 730135 for my S&W M&P 15-22. I really like this scope although the reticals are a tiny bit fuzzy . But the price is right by comparison. My questions is,if I decide to back this scope up with a magnifier, which would be my best choice considering price ,fit, and functionality.
Thanks in advance

03-16-2011, 10:25
How much room do you have behind your red dot after you get your normal eye relief and stock/cheek weld? Measure it see what companies make the 3x or 4x magnafiers. You can usually find a mount to fit your scope height between the usual suspects Aimpoint.Larue etc, The mount flip type.twist type etc. and its height in relation to the scope is more important than the type of magnifier you buy.
When it comes to the magnifiers the best Ive seen for a red dot is Aimpoint, in a Larue flip to the side mount works perfect with a Micro T-1 in a tall Larue mount. But thats just my opinion.